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Unapologetically BRAVE

15 women from all walks of life and professions share their stories of strength, hope, and triumph!

If you are a woman of influence, a mover, a shaker, and an action taker who needs to be encouraged from time to time, this book is for you!

Myself and fourteen amazing women bravely share stories from our hearts to yours. Our stories include dealing with and overcoming mental illness, depression, bad decisions, finding and loving oneself, life behind bars, adoption, restoration and more.

We pray the words penned will inspire and empower you to overcome the hard places in life while doing so unapologetically!

Life happens to us all, but it's the lessons that we learn from life that make it all worthwhile for us and for those who follow.

Being unapologetic means we stop apologizing for the strength we've gained in overcoming hard times. It means we stop playing small so others can feel big. Lastly, it means we bravely share our stories, choosing to be silent no more. We share our stories with grace, love, respect and a little sass.

We are Soaring Queens and we know you are too. We hope you'll share in this journey with us by pre-ordering your copy now, reading our stories and sharing us with others.

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Meet Our Awesome Co Authors

In Alphabetical Order by First Name

Akeish Forsythe

Arlena Jenkins

Chanel Dickerson

Diana Brown

Glamique Singleton

Joy Allen

Keisha Sloan-Freeman

Monica Brunson

Paula Neal

Rashinda Davis

Robnesha Smith

Shaye Hill-Pettigrew

Tanisha Melvin

Trellis Thomas

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